Introduction to EMLS

This is the fifth four year framework contract that EM Lawshare (EMLS) has entered into and our primary focus is to procure the best available legal services from highly trained, specialist law firms

Who’s a Part of It?

Launched in 2006 with 13 members, EMLS is now the largest consortium in the country with over 200 members, as of March 2022.

Originally based in the east midlands, EMLS now has a membership that stretches from Durham in the north to Plymouth in the south, Herefordshire in the west to Suffolk in the east.

Most of its members are local authorities; county, unitary & district. However, the membership also includes fire & rescue authorities, universities, national parks, NHS trusts and town and parish councils.

How Long Does It Run For?

The current contact runs from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2026.

Who Can Join?

Any local authority in England & Wales can join EMLS & we will also consider applications from other public bodies.

How It Works

Nottinghamshire County Council are the lead authority for the consortium and enters into a framework agreement with each of the partner firms. Each member must, on joining, sign a memorandum of understanding with Nottinghamshire.

After joining any authorised officer from a member organisation can then directly approach & instruct any of the partner firms or hold a mini competition with all or some of them.

For advice on how to join us, simply click this link and you should find what you are looking for.

Key Benefits

This is not just a legal call-off contract – it is a true and vibrant partnership and includes the following significant benefits:

  • Competitive Hourly Rates – Fixed until April 2026
  • No Need To Tender – The partner firms have been selected after a fully compliant EU procurement exercise
  • Non Exclusivity  You remain free to use any other law firm
  • Added Value – The seven partner firms offer significant added value to members 
  • No Joining Or Annual Subscription Fee

Value Added

Our carefully selected partner firms work together to devise new and innovative training sessions including legal, practice & soft skills training & workshops. They collaborate to organise our conference, design and maintain the EM LawShare website and establish a precedent bank.

Their extensive added value services includes:

  1. Training programme of over 50 free courses at various venues
  2. Conference with key note speakers at a major venue every two years
  3. Free telephone help lines
  4. Quarterly newsletter, “ConsortEM”
  5. Website with various information including training material and the ability to advertise posts
  6. 2 sponsored places on the Law Society’s Local Government diploma course
  7. An annual Institute of Leadership & Management course for 16 people
  8. Exclusive rates for Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis



The 10 Areas

  1. Administrative & Corporate Governance
  2. Adult Social Services
  3. Civil Litigation
  4. Conveyancing & Property
  5. Contract, Commercial & Procurement
  6. Criminal Litigation
  7. Education
  8. Employment
  9. Housing
  10. Planning, Highways & Environmental