Challenges to procurement decisions – the issues and the pitfalls

Colin Ricciardiello, Sharpe Pritchard

Sharpe Pritchard procurement law experts John Sharland and Colin Ricciardiello have authored a comprehensive review of the legal framework for procurement challenges in this useful 32-page briefing.

The handy guide, which will be invaluable to anyone involved in local government tenders and procurement law, covers:

  • The court’s function in a procurement challenge
  • The grounds for a procurement challenge
  • The standstill period
  • Declarations of ineffectiveness
  • Safeguards and time limits
  • Remedies other than damages
  • Tender evaluation and abnormally low tenders
  • Lifting the automatic suspension
  • Expert evidence
  • Implied contract claims
  • Awards of damages
  • Judicial review

Challenges to Procurement Decisions – the issues and the pitfalls