SRA – New Approach to Regulation Update

Freeths, Nottingham

Time:     10.00am – 12.00 noon

Venue:   Freeths Nottingham with Video Links to Nottingham, Birmingham, Milton Keynes , Manchester, Leicester and Sheffield

(Please note we offer the option to attend this course via video conference to make it accessible to as many EM Lawshare members as possible, whatever their location.  We do our best to deliver the best experience we can with the technology we have, but inevitably it may not be as effective as attending the course in person.  We always appreciate your feedback and make improvements if we can.)

I am delighted to tell you that we have arranged for Chris Handford, Director of Regulatory Policy at the SRA, to come and talk to members of EM Lawshare to set out how the SRA are going about modernising their regulation and get your views on where they are heading.  

The focus of the talk will be on how regulation can better support in house solicitors in the Public Sector and will address topical issues including income generation 

Chris would like to look at what the SRA do with fresh eyes.  

·        Do they need such complex and restrictive rules when solicitors are bound by professional standards and principles such as integrity, confidentiality and independence?  

·        Does it make sense that people cannot access legal advice from a solicitor unless they go to an organisation authorised by a legal regulator?  

The SRA want to allow flexibility for solicitors and freedom for providers to innovate, compete and develop high quality services. While helping people to understand what to expect from a solicitor and what safeguards they have. 

More about the speaker: 

Chris Handford has been Director of Regulatory Policy at the Solicitors Regulation Authority since May 2015.  He has responsibility for leading a reform programme that will remove unnecessary regulation, allow flexibility for legal services providers to deliver services in the way that consumers want, while continuing to protect those consumers that need protecting. Chris has over 15 years’ experience developing policy in the legal service sector and was previously Head of Research and Development at the Legal Services Board, the oversight regulator for legal service in England and Wales.


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