Effective Communication


12 January 2017, 9.30am registration (9.45am start) – 1.00pm (followed by lunch) Browne Jacobson Nottingham, (with Video Conferencing Equipment to Browne Jacobson’s offices in Birmingham)

Please note we offer the option to attend this course via video conference at another of our offices to make it accessible to as many EM Lawshare members as possible.  We do our best to deliver the best experience we can with the technology we have, but inevitably it may not be as effective as attending the course in person.  We always appreciate your feedback and make improvements if we can.

Presented by Browne Jacobson

Course overview

This session is designed for all comers from new recruits keen on maximising their effectiveness to senior officers refreshing hard won skills.

Simple general principles will be set out followed by tips in more detail

Topics to be covered include:

All kinds of written communications

  • Content-getting the message across-composition- correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Accuracy-research and checking.
  • Transmission-ensuring right items go to right place.
  • Filing, storage and archiving-Where are words of wisdom when needed

Oral communication

  • Telephone calls, chance chats and informal meetings.-context, content and recording.

Communications with elected members.

Dealing with the public

  • Formal and consultations
  • Awkward and vexatious people.

On show-ceremonial and formal events.

Interactive elements

Those attending can expect considerable audience participation.


A Ethics professionalism and judgement 

B Technical legal practice

B2 Legal research

B4 Draft documents

B5 Advocacy

B6 Negotiation

C Working with other people

C1 Communicate clearly and effectively

D Managing themselves and their own work

Duration: Half a day (3 Training hours) including lunch

Presenter profiles:

Tom Huggon qualified as a solicitor in 1969, is a consultant and former partner with Browne Jacobson. Tom has extensive knowledge and long experience of every aspect of local government legal practice, and a Legal Associate of RTPI.

Besides advising local authorities he is a member of a number of consultative committees, trustee of several charities and regularly involved in civic and ceremonial events.




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